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We can Eliminate or Reduce the Time, Money and Energy you Spend on Recruiting, Training and Managing Staff

A Personal Account Executive to serve your staffing, billing and service needs.

We can reduce your operational expenses by handling all government contributions.UIC, Tax Deductions, CPP, Annual T4's, termination etc. We also provide full WSIBcoverage for all our workers.

Looking for a good source for full time employees? Hire the best of the best whenyour resources and timing allow. You're free to hire an employee full time after3 full months or 480 hours. Hire when you're absolutely certain about an employeeor continue your staffing arrangement through Better Labour Inc.

Business cycles fluctuate. We can provide you with the flexibility to adjust yourstaffing needs as you choose.

Avoid costly severance payments, wrongful dismissal concerns.

We understand the challenges that current Human Resource Departments face. To address these challenges we create customized employment solutions tailored to your specific needs. In Partnering with your HR department we give you the flexibility and support to grow your business by addressing your single biggest business expense, your employees. We will handle part or all of your advertising, screening, hiring, managing turnover as well as payroll. We have the employee pool, the transportation resources as well as the expertise and flexibility to support your ongoing HR goals.

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