How To Ace An Interview

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Think about this -There are no dress rehearsals for first impressions!!!
We are judged at our first point of contact, whomever we meet. Even more so when meeting a potential employer. This could be the difference between beginning a new career or your resume being tossed or shredded post interview.
Everything gets judged – your handshake (is it firm or weak), eye contact (do you look straight at interviewer or shy away), posture (is yours upright meaning confidence or slouched meaning lack of confidence), dress for the job (suit, nice clean clothes, shiny scuff-free shoes), polite and well mannered. This is your chance to impress your potential new boss. GO FOR IT!!!

1. Be prepared and know the company who is interviewing you. Prior to the interview, check out their website, social media, recent articles, and whatever else you can find out about this company. It shows you know and are interested in this company

2. Make sure you have the job description experience to do the job. Every interviewer is going to ask about your experience. Use this question as your opportunity to prove you have the ability and experience to do the job. If you don’t have much experience, focus on your ability to take control of situations. Explain success with previous jobs, this shows confidence and explains how that success will translate to this job. Talk about your strengths and how they will be an asset to this job/company.

3. You work well with others. The ability to work in a team is one of the qualities every employer wants. Explain past situations, what your role on the team was and how you contributed to the teams’ success.

4. You are flexible and eager to learn. Employers want to know you’re open to change and to learning new skills. Talk about how you will continue to grow and learn more about this industry.

5. You are motivated & excited to do this job well. Explain how you can do this job really well. Exude an excited personality (Happy, Enthusiastic) Have some question about the company and job. Companies like a motivated person it shows commitment and that you will take ownership of the job.

6. Provide new ideas that will benefit the company. It is always good to suggest some ideas during the interview, even if they might not be new, they show you are thinking about the job. Remember you are going to be an asset-show it.

7. You want to show that this is a long-term career move. Know where the job location is and what’s involved in the commute to work (drive, public transportation). Let the interviewer know that getting to work will not be a problem and you are prepared to relocate to get this job opportunity.

If you remember to touch on these points, you’ll be better off in all of your job interviews. Bring a professional looking folder with all your questions and paper to write things down. Even role-play your questions to your spouse, friend or the mirror. You should strive to want to look and act confident with a smile in your voice.
Relax & Best of Luck!!!

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