Franchise Opp.

An In-Demand Franchise

Employment Agency/Outsourcing Business

Employment Agency/Recruiting is a thriving industry (100 plus billion dollar 2018) that is recession proof, self-gratifying with above average compensation, depending on how hard you work.

In this ever-changing market place all companies are looking for ways to reduce costs, but stay competitive. Outsourcing offers the business the ability and flexibility to do other important tasks when it needs to. This way the company or business owner can manage themselves and key staff to stay focused on tasks that help them find and keep new clients. Cash flow is the blood line for all businesses. Outsourcing will reduce your labour costs, remove Insurance Liabilities and help grow your business. Finding talented workers is key for every business.

“The Company Who Hires The Most Talented Workers Grows”

With Better Labour you are linking workers to jobs in an on line mapping application that is visual, cost effective and consumer friendly to use for everyone. This gives the Franchisee the ability to focus and attract companies and workers in any industry or area.

Your Investment

You will be building and managing a business that will yield a rewarding return based on your efforts of managing yourself and building an empire of staff, who will do work for other Businesses and or Residences in a open end territory. Go-Getters need only to apply.